The Future of the Banking Industry

The future of the banking industry will depend on its ability to leverage the power of Customer Insight, Advanced Analytics, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology to provide services that help today’s tech-savvy customers manage their finances and better manage their daily lives.

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Transforming the way we bank

Our revolutionary banking solutions harness data analytics, automation and AI capabilities to provide better user experience, reduce cost-to-income ratios, and eliminate operational friction.


Expanding Financial Inclusion

Reach out to the underbanked and unbanked with digital-first and ultra intuitive solutions that help them get banking done simply.

Our Solutions

AI & Data Analytics

Harness Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning and deep learning to perform in-depth behavioral studies and uncover potential insights with the aim to augment human decisioning for automation. Some areas in which we employ the use of AI and Data Analytics.


Our team of experienced consultants and developers advise and build upon opportunities and gaps to improve your business operations. Our advisory and support services covers all aspects of the finance, banking and automotive system.

Professional consultancy

-AI & Data Analytics

-Digital Banking

-Core Banking

-Digital Autofinancing

Project implementation

-Project management

-Software customization, development, and testing

-Data migration

-Installation and configuration

-Post-implementation support

Support services

-Users’ enquiries and clarification

-Onsite support services

-Offsite standby services

-Performance tuning

-Database administration

-System enhancement customisation

About Us

Finteq International Sdn Bhd (FINTEQ) was incorporated in 2019 as an innovation partner to a leading’s financial technology company, Infopro Sdn Bhd, which has a global footprint in more than 32 countries.

Our Mission

As a financial technology and consulting service provider integrating FinTech and TechFin, we uphold the broad vision to provide the banking industry with innovative software and services to accelerate the digital transformation and modernization.

We aim to increase financial inclusion globally and encourage innovation throughout our solution development

Our Vision

We envisage the creation of the most innovative, digitally enabled solutions that transform the Banking technology environment, leveraging cloud technology, analytics (AI/RPA/ML) and emerging technologies with a distinctive focus to democratize banking and financial services for the unbanked and underbanked segment of the population in the South East Asia region.